Antimicrobial drug discovery from traditional and historical medicine - a view from Twitter

Posted on November 6, 2019   by Alex Kubiakowska

The Antimicrobial drug discovery from traditional and historical medicine Focused Meeting took place at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford on 29 October. This was a pilot meeting which aimed to bring together researchers from diverse fields of microbiology, chemistry, botany and the history of medicine, as well as industry contacts. It was hoped that the event would facilitate networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange through a series of flash talks and round-table discussions. Here we share some of the highlights from the final Focused Meeting of 2019 with a view from Twitter.

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Delegates shared their thoughts ahead of the start of the meeting.

The morning session got off to a fantastic start with a range of talks, some of which even embraced a Halloween theme.


Delegates enjoyed learning about ethnopharmacology and strategic AMR approaches.

Dr Gerry Quinn then presented his research on unearthing antibiotics from ancient Irish Folklore. 

Scott Jarmusch from the University of Aberdeen then delivered his talk and discussed his journey in advocating for better communication and cooperation between researchers across disciplines.

Dr Blessing Oyedemi from Nottingham Trent University raised the question of whether natural products could hold answers to the current looming antimicrobial resistance in her flash talk. 

The morning session concluded with an opportunity to share thoughts and opinions on progress made within the field.

The afternoon session began with session organiser, Professor Olivia Corcoran addressing the room and acknowledging the diverse range of attendees at the event.

Dr Cassandra Quave from Emory University, USA then gave a talk on the using traditional medicine as a resource for antimicrobial drug discovery for the post-antibiotic era.

Before long, it was time for the final session of the event...

We had a fantastic representation of attendees from Ireland...

...and there the event even opened up an opportunity for a potential follow up meeting.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event.