JMM Case Reports – a new open access journal from the Society for General Microbiology

Posted on September 6, 2013   by Parita Patel

The Society for General Microbiology is delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of JMM Case Reports, the Society’s first fully Gold Open Access publication. The news was welcomed by members and delegates at SGM’s Autumn 2013 Conference held at the University of Sussex earlier this week, and marks almost fifty years since the Society last launched a new journal.


As a sister journal to the Society’s well-established Journal of Medical Microbiology (JMM), this new online-only publication will focus on case reports in microbiology, including infectious disease, virology, mycology, bacteriology and parasitology, in addition to antimicrobials and microbial diagnostics. The journal will also accept case series, case reviews, and case quizzes, and will additionally display winners from an interactive image of the month competition.

The Publishing team at the Society, along with the JMM Editorial Board, have long recognised a need for a flexible individual platform to publish these highly regarded papers that provide a focus on current research as well as serving an educational value. We are excited to confirm that all articles will be freely available and will be published online under a CC-BY license, and within a Continuous Publishing model to ensure the final version of each article is published and ready to be cited within 5 weeks of acceptance. The Society is waiving open access fees for all authors in the journal’s launch years.

The new journal will be led by Professor S. Peter Borriello, who is also Editor-in-Chief of JMM, in addition to Dr Johannes G. Kusters who also serves as an Editor and previously senior reviewer for case reports on the JMM Editorial Board. When announcing the journal at the Autumn Conference, Dr Kusters explained: ‘case reports are very well read, statistically they have the highest usage counts of any paper type, but there is no forum for these papers. We want to have an individual platform for these really important papers that is online only and so allows us to publish papers quickly as well as fully open access.’

JMM Case Reports will present original, peer-reviewed content providing interesting and novel diagnoses, pathogenesis, investigation, treatment and/or management of infectious diseases in humans or animals. The first issue is planned for January 2014, however submissions will open this month for early publication.

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