Microbe Talk: Domino Effect Episode 1

Posted on January 11, 2019   by Laura Cox

This month is the first episode of a new podcast series on Microbe Talk called Domino Effect. In this podcast, Dr Lena Ciric will interview Professor Paul Hoskisson.

domino effect main.png
Marco Verch CC-BY 2.0

Domino Effect is a new podcast series during which one member of the Microbiology Society is interviewed by another. In the next episode, a new member gets involved and interviews the interview-er from the previous episode. Then, in the next episode, it is their turn to be interviewed.

In this episode, Lena is going to interview Paul. Listen to the podcast to hear their thoughts on Streptomyces, the importance of good science communication and the challenges of working in an academic institution. 

Domino Effect: Lena Ciric and Paul Hoskisson


To get involved in a future episode of Domino Effect e-mail: [email protected]