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Posted on September 11, 2023   by Microbiology Society

As we look forward to the Microbial Genomics Roadshow in Cambridge on the 12th September 2023, we’re sharing some top recently published content from the journal.

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Discover the most-downloaded articles from Microbial Genomics published in 2022 and 2023 so far below.

Insights into plastic biodegradation: community composition and functional capabilities of the superworm (Zophobas morio) microbiome in styrofoam feeding trials

Jiarui Sun, Apoorva Prabhu, Samuel T. N. Aroney, Christian Rinke

Full text downloads: 35,295


ResFinder – an open online resource for identification of antimicrobial resistance genes in next-generation sequencing data and prediction of phenotypes from genotypes

Alfred Ferrer Florensa, Rolf Sommer Kaas, Philip Thomas Lanken Conradsen Clausen, Derya Aytan-Aktug, Frank M. Aarestrup

Full text downloads: 11,918


Finding the right fit: evaluation of short-read and long-read sequencing approaches to maximize the utility of clinical microbiome data

Jeanette L. Gehrig, Daniel M. Portik, Mark D. Driscoll​, Eric Jackson, Shreyasee Chakraborty​, Dawn Gratalo, Meredith Ashby, Ricardo Valladares

Full text downloads: 8,364


Piperacillin/tazobactam-resistant, cephalosporin-susceptible Escherichia coli bloodstream infections are driven by multiple acquisition of resistance across diverse sequence types

Thomas Edwards​, Eva Heinz, Jon van Aartsen, Alex Howard, Paul Roberts, Caroline Corless, Alice J. Fraser, Christopher T. Williams, Issra Bulgasim, Luis E. Cuevas, Christopher M. Parry, Adam P. Roberts, Emily R. Adams, Jenifer Mason, Alasdair T. M. Hubbard​

Full text downloads: 8,328


Hackflex: low-cost, high-throughput, Illumina Nextera Flex library construction

Daniela Gaio, Kay Anantanawat, Joyce To, Michael Liu, Leigh Monahan, Aaron E. Darling

Full text downloads: 8,097


Genomic evolution of the globally disseminated multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae clonal group 147

Carla Rodrigues, Siddhi Desai, Virginie Passet, Devarshi Gajjar​, Sylvain Brisse​

Full text downloads: 7,945


Software testing in microbial bioinformatics: a call to action

Boas C.L. van der Putten, C. I. Mendes, Brooke M. Talbot, Jolinda de Korne-Elenbaas, Rafael Mamede, Pedro Vila-Cerqueira, Luis Pedro Coelho, Christopher A. Gulvik​, Lee S. Katz, The ASM NGS 2020 Hackathon participants

Full text downloads: 7,278


Distribution, organization and expression of genes concerned with anaerobic lactate utilization in human intestinal bacteria

Paul O. Sheridan, Petra Louis, Eleni Tsompanidou​, Sophie Shaw, Hermie J. Harmsen​, Sylvia H. Duncan, Harry J. Flint​, Alan W. Walker

Full text downloads: 7,201


Multi-laboratory evaluation of the Illumina iSeq platform for whole genome sequencing of Salmonella, Escherichia coli and Listeria

Patrick K. Mitchell, Leyi Wang, Bryce J. Stanhope​, Brittany D. Cronk, Renee Anderson​, Shipra Mohan​, Lijuan Zhou, Susan Sanchez​, Paula Bartlett​, Carol Maddox​, Vanessa DeShambo, Rinosh Mani​, Lindsy M. Hengesbach, Sarah Gresch​, Katie Wright, Sunil Mor, Shuping Zhang​, Zhenyu Shen, Lifang Yan, Rebecca Mackey, Rebecca Franklin-Guild​, Yan Zhang​, Melanie Prarat​, Katherine Shiplett​, Akhilesh Ramachandran​, Sai Narayanan, Justin Sanders​, Andree A. Hunkapiller​, Kevin Lahmers, Amanda A. Carbonello​, Nicole Aulik​, Ailam Lim, Jennifer Cooper​, Angelica Jones​, Jake Guag​, Sarah M. Nemser​, Gregory H. Tyson, Ruth Timme, Errol Strain​, Renate Reimschuessel, Olgica Ceric​, Laura B. Goodman

Full text downloads: 7,074


High molecular weight DNA extraction methods lead to high quality filamentous ascomycete fungal genome assemblies using Oxford Nanopore sequencing

Celine Petersen, Trine Sørensen, Klaus R. Westphal, Lavinia I. Fechete​, Teis E. Sondergaard​, Jens L. Sørensen​, Kåre L. Nielsen

Full text downloads: 6,780

Articles published 1st January 2022 – 31 August 2023