Podcast: Annual Conference 2017 Roundup

Posted on April 28, 2017   by Anand Jagatia

Earlier this month, the Microbiology Society hosted our Annual Conference 2017 in Edinburgh. While we were there, we managed to catch up with just a few of the researchers presenting posters and giving talks.

Annual Conference 2017 Super Roundup

First up, we spoke to Kirsty Fraser from Heriot-Watt University about a weird protist pathogen wreaking havoc on golf courses.

Next, Dr Terry McGenity from the University of Essex told us about microbes that can survive for millennia trapped inside salt crystals.

Finally, we spoke with Saskia Rughöft from the Molecular Microbial Ecology Group at the University of Tubingen. Saskia is researching the impact of oil spills and cleanup chemicals on microbes in the ocean.


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