Fleming Prize Lecture

Awarded annually to an early career researcher who has achieved an outstanding research record within 12 years of being awarded their PhD. Years may be added to this total in respect to substantive reasons, which could include maternity/paternity leave, long-term sickness, or similar reasons.

Alexander Fleming was the first President of the Society (1945-1947) and received a Nobel Prize for his discovery of penicillin.

The recipient of the Fleming Prize Lecture will receive £1,000 and be expected to give a lecture based on the work for which the award has been made to a meeting of the Society. The recipient will be strongly encouraged to publish the lecture in one of the Society’s journals, whichever is the most suitable. This decision will be at the discretion of the Editors of the journals.

Nominations for the 2020 Fleming Prize Lecture are now closed.

Please see below for a list of past winners.

Fleming Prize Lecture 2019: Professor Peter Fineran – Resistance is (not) futile: bacterial innate and adaptive immune systems

2019 Peter Fineran Resistance is (not) futile: bacterial innate and adaptive immune systems
2018 Sarah Coulthurst How to kill your rivals: type VI secretion system-mediated bacterial warfare
2017 Stephen Baker The collateral damage of antimicrobial access in Asia
2016 David Grainger The unexpected complexity of bacterial genomes
2015 Michael Brockhurst Rapid microbial evolution: From the lab to the clinic and back again
2014 Nikolay Zenkin Multiple personalities of RNA polymerase active centre
2013 See note below* -
2012 W.P. Hanage Plagues and Populations - Patterns of Pathogen Evolution
2011 P. Cherepanov Structural Biology of Retroviral DNA Integration
2010 S.P. Diggle Microbial Communication and Virulence: Lessons from Evolutionary Theory
2009 N.R. Stanley-Wall The Complexity of Biofilm Formation by Bacillus subtilis
2008 C. Simmons Understanding Emerging Pathogens: H5N1 Influenza and Dengue in Vietnam
2007 G.L. Challis Mining Microbial Genomes for New Natural Products and Biosynthetic Pathways
2006 F. Sargent Constructing the Wonders of the Bacterial World: Biosynthesis of Complex Enzymes
2005 A. Whitehouse Understanding the Latent-Lytic Switch in Gamma-2 Herpesviruses
2004 M.S.B. Paget Managing Redox Stress in Bacteria
2003 C. Boshoff AIDS-associated Cancer and KSHV/HHV-8  
2002 B.C. Berks & T. Palmer (Joint) Moving Folded Proteins Across the Bacterial Cell Membrane  
2001 B. Kenny Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli - a Crafty, Subversive Little Bug
2000 P. Simmonds The Origin and Evolution of Hepatitis Viruses in Humans
1999 D.J. Richardson Bacterial Respiration: a Flexible Process for a Changing Environment
1997 C.J. Stirling Protein Targeting to the Endoplasmic Reticulum in Yeast
1996 A.M. Carr Cell Division and Mitosis in the Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
1995 J. McKeating Functional and Antigenic Consequences of HIV Envelope Variation
1994 C.J. Dorman DNA Topology and the Global Regulation of Bacterial Virulence Gene Expression
1994 I.S. Roberts Bacterial Polysaccharides in Sickness and in Health
1993 N.A.R. Gow Directional Growth and Guidance Systems of Fungal Pathogens
1992 G.L. Smith Vaccinia Virus Glycoproteins and Immune Evasion
1991 L. Boddy The Ecology of Wood- and Litter-rotting Basidiomycete Fungi
1989 G.J. Boulnois Molecular Dissection of the Host-Microbe Interaction in Infection
1989 A.J. Davison Varicella-Zoster Virus
1988 G. Dougan An Oral Route to Rational Vaccination
1987 C.F. Higgins Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Transport: from Microbes to Man
1986 D.B. Kell Forces, Fluxes and Control of Microbial Metabolism
1985 J.W. Almond Genetic Diversity in Small RNA Viruses
1984 P.M. Nurse (now Sir Paul) Cell Cycle Control in Yeast
1983 R.A. Dixon The Genetic Complexity of Nitrogen Fixation
1982 B.G. Spratt Penicillin-binding Proteins and the Future of ß-Lactam Antibiotics
1981 D.J. Sherratt The Maintenance and Propagation of Plasmid Genes in Bacterial Populations
1980 D.J. McGeoch Structural Analysis of Animal Virus Genomes
1979 J.E. Beringer (now Sir John) The Development of Rhizobium Genetics
1978 G.A.M. Cross Immunochemical Aspects of Antigenic Variation in Trypanosomes
1977 P.C. Newell Cellular Communication During Aggregation of Dictyostelium
1976 G.W. Gooday Biosynthesis of the Fungal Wall - Mechanisms and Implications

*In November 2016, the Microbiology Society received information from the University of Dundee relating to an internal investigation concerning claims of serious research misconduct by Dr Robert Ryan. The investigation found that Dr Ryan had committed "serious research misconduct", and this finding was subsequently upheld on appeal.

At its meeting on 3 March 2017, the Council of the Microbiology Society considered whether to withdraw the Fleming Prize awarded to Dr Robert Ryan in 2013. Dr Ryan attended the Council meeting, and was given the opportunity to make representations.

After carefully considering all of the information provided by the University of Dundee, the documentation submitted in support of the original nomination for the Prize, and Dr Ryan's written and oral representations, the members of Council unanimously passed a resolution to withdraw the Fleming Award from Dr Ryan.