Introducing the new Editor-In-Chief of the Journal Of Medical Microbiology, Associate Professor Tim Inglis

26 July 2022


The Journal of Medical Microbiology is delighted to announce Associate Professor Tim Inglis as its new Editor-in-Chief. Tim is stepping up from his role as the journal’s Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

Tim is currently Head of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Western Australia, a Medical Microbiologist with the state pathology service, PathWest Laboratory Medicine and is a contributing member of the Australian Public Health Laboratory Network (PHLN).

Since joining the Journal of Medical Microbiology,  Tim Inglis also led the Coronastream blog series on our website, which summarised research published in our journals essential for informing COVID-19 countermeasures.

We spoke to Tim last year when he began his role as Deputy Editor-in-Chief, learn more about his career, the future of microbiology and scientific publishing in this news story. The new Deputy Editor-in-Chief will be announced soon.

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