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11 May 2021 article

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Professor Tony Trinci

Mrs Margaret Trinci has asked us to post a sincere thank you message for the many caring thoughts and condolence messages her family received from members of the Society following the death of former Society President Professor Tony Trinci in October last year.



Meet the President and network online with fellow microbiologists in Norwich

The Microbiology Society Roadshows are continuing online in 2021, supporting microbiologists in local areas to connect and share knowledge.

The next Microbiology Society Online Roadshow will be held on 25 May, for microbiologists based in Norwich. Find out more on our website (


Microbiology Outreach Prize and Prize Lecture nominations

Nominations for the Microbiology Outreach Prize, the 2022 Prize Lectures and the 2023 Prize Medal are now open. Nominations are welcome from any member of the Microbiology Society, regardless of membership period or category, by 27 May 2021. Submit your nomination online (

Microbiology collections

In 2022, Microbiology, the founding and flagship journal from the Microbiology Society, will be celebrating 75 years since publishing its first issue. In the run up to its anniversary year, the journal is launching a series of themed collections that celebrate the breadth of microbiology and showcase why microbiology matters. You can find details of the first two collections below.

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Guest-edited by Dr Riccardo Manganelli, this collection will highlight all aspects of mycobacterial biology, with a particular focus on physiological aspects, such as stress response mechanisms, regulatory networks and metabolic pathways, that might lead to a better understanding of the intriguing aspects of mycobacterial host–pathogen interaction and lead to the design of new strategies to fight these important pathogens. Find out more and read the articles currently in the collection online (



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Metals in Microbiology

Guest-edited by Dr Jennifer Cavet and Dr Karrera Djoko, this collection of keynote research articles will highlight research on metal–microbe interactions, bringing together advances in our understanding of how microbes handle metals, the utilization of metals in proteins and the importance of metal-handling systems in host–pathogen interactions. It will also include research that exploits these systems in industrial processes, the development of metal-related antimicrobials and in metal bioremediation and biorecovery.

Find out more and read the articles currently in the collection online (

Keep an eye on and our social media platforms to make sure you don’t miss upcoming collections. Authors wishing to submit to the collections should do so via the online submission system ( and note in their cover letter which collection their submission is intended for.

The Microbiology Society is a not-for-profit publisher and we support and invest in the microbiology community. All journals income is invested back into the Society, be it through funding grants, scientific meetings or helping to fund our policy activities.

New Microbiology Society open research platform to launch in October 2021

In October, we will be launching a new open research platform. The project, funded by a Wellcome Trust and Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant, will involve converting our sound science journal, Access Microbiology. Find out more:

Grant deadlines



1 June 2021

Travel Grant – for eligible members wishing to present at conferences or attend training events taking place between 1 July and 30 September 2021. Events can be taking place in-person or virtually.

1 September 2021

Travel Grant – for eligible members wishing to present at conferences or attend training events taking place between 1 October and 31 December 2021. Events can be taking place in-person or virtually.

30 September 2021

ECM Forum Event Fund – for ECM members requiring sponsorship for local events (in-person or virtual).

3 October 2021

Education and Outreach Grants – for eligible members requiring support for projects to communicate or teach microbiology.

International Development Fund – for eligible members wishing to contribute to the development of microbiology in low- and lower-middle-income countries.

Research Visit Grants – for eligible members wishing to make a research visit to a collaborator.

For more information please visit the website (