Microbiology Editor’s Choice feature launched

Posted on October 29, 2013   by Sally Hawkins

This month, the Society’s Publishing team launches a new Editor’s Choice feature on Microbiology, which will highlight one paper in each issue that offers notably compelling insight into the field of microbiology.


Articles will be selected by Microbiology’s Editor-in-Chief, Agnès Fouet, or one of Microbiology’s Senior Editors. Dr Fouet announced: “The Senior Editors and I are very excited about this new feature being launched by Microbiology in November. We look forward to using our expertise to highlight particularly significant articles.”

The very first Editor’s Choice has been awarded to Steven D. Bowden and his co-authors for the article entitled, “Surface swarming motility by Pectobacterium atrosepticum is a latent phenotype that requires O antigen and is regulated by quorum sensing”. There will be free online access to this paper, and all Editor’s Choice articles, for one month after publication.

Dr Bowden stated: “It is very rewarding to have this prestigious recognition… We feel that this is a very effective way to highlight our research and disseminate it to as broad a readership as possible. For early career researchers such as myself, this is especially important to help get our research noticed and make an impact on the wider scientific community. Thus we wholeheartedly thank the Editors for selecting our study for this issue’s Microbiology Editor’s Choice.”

If you wish to stay informed about the monthly Editor’s Choice, sign up to receive the Microbiology electronic table of contents alerts which will highlight the Editor’s Choice clearly. Otherwise, look out for the Editor’s Choice label on the online or print table of contents for every issue.