Early Career Forum Executive Committee

The EC Forum Executive Committee contributes to the delivery of the Society’s strategic objectives by supporting the careers and professional development of microbiologists. The committee coordinates the work of the Early Career Forum, ensuring that early career members and their views are included across all Society activities by having representation across all committees.

The Committee has a subgroup of four representatives who bring the early career viewpoint to the Society's Divisions.

Jo Kite

Co-Chair of Early Career Forum Executive Committee

Jo Kite

University of Cambridge, UK





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Co-Chair of Early Career Forum Executive Committee

Jack Ferguson

University of Birmingham, UK 





Early Career Forum Executive Committee 2024

Jo Kite

University of Cambridge, UK
Jack Ferguson  University of Birmingham, UK (co-Chair)

Kelly Capper-Parkin

Sheffield Hallam University, UK
(EC Representative for Building Communities Committee)

Éva Bernadett Bényei

University of Cambridge, UK
(EC Representative for Impact and Influence Committee)

Jack Sunter

Oxford Brookes University, UK
(EC Representative for Sustainability Committee)

Kathryn Stratton

University of East Anglia, UK
(EC Representative for Finance Committee)
Mathew Whelan  University College London (EC Representative for Sustainability Committee)
Hement Patadia  Parul University (EC Representative for Audit, Risk and Evaluation)
Isobel Garratt  University of Bath, UK
(EC Representative for Imapct and Influence Committee)
Elizabeth Cummins University of Birmingham, UK (EC Representative for Publishing Panel)
David Mark  University of Glasgow, UK (EC Representative for Scientific Conferences) 
Ed Deshmukh-Reeves  University of Kent, UK
Rowan Casey  Cardiff University (EC Forum  Representative for Virus Division and for Members Panel)
Kasia Parfitt University of Oxford, UK (EC Representative for Irish Division)
Aoife Mulry  TUS (Technological University of the Shannon) (EC Representative for Irish Division)

Terms of Reference 

Early Career Forum Executive Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of reference: iStock/Gajus.