Impact and Influence Committee

The Impact and Influence Committee is primarily responsible for driving forward the key strategic aim to “advance understanding of microbiology and champion the contribution made by microbiology, our members and their work in addressing global challenges”.

It does this through increasing opportunities for members to communicate their work, raising the profile of microbiology and increasing the influence of the Society with the public, policymakers and other stakeholders.

Catrin Moore


Dr Catrin Moore
St George's, University of London, UK





Tina Joshi


Dr Tina Joshi

University of Plymouth, UK






Impact and Influence Committee Membership 2024

Catrin Moore

St George’s, University of London, UK
Tina Joshi University of Plymouth, UK
David Clarke University College Cork, Ireland
Jonathan Cox  Ashton University, UK 
Karen Campos-Leon
Tadhg O'Croinin  University College Dublin, Ireland 
Joan Geoghegan University of Birmingham, UK 
Jody Winter  Nottingham Trent University, UK 
Victoria Easton  University of Leed, UK
Andre Antunes Edge Hill University, UK
Éva Bernadett Bényei
University of Cambridge, UK
Mel Lacey Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Carol Munro University of Aberdeen, UK
Justine Rudkin University of Oxford, UK
Thamarai Schneiders University of Edinburgh, UK
Joey Shephed University of Sheffield, UK
Joseph Acolatse  Cape Coast Teaching Hospital, Ghana
I'ah Donovan Banfield  University of Liverpool, UK 
Isobel Garratt University of Bath, UK 

Terms of Reference

Impact and Influence Committee Terms of Reference


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