The Council of the Society normally consists of up to 17 members. Of these, seven representatives are elected by the membership of the Society, seven are appointed by Council, as Chairs and co-Chairs of our committees, plus the President, General Secretary and Treasurer. Council is responsible for the governance of the Society; members of Council bear the legal responsibilities of Trustees of the Charity and Directors of the Company and take a variety of important strategic and legal decisions on how the Society deploys its assets and supports its members. 

Learn more about who our current Council members are below.



    • Del-170x233.jpg


      Professor Gurdyal Besra

      University of Birmingham, UK

    • Karen 170x210.png

      General Secretary

      Dr Karen Robinson
      University of Nottingham, UK

    • Robin-May.jpg

      Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee

      Professor Robin May

      University of Birmingham, UK

Chairs and co-Chairs of Committees

    • Jose.jpg

      co-Chair of Sustainability Committee

      Professor Jose Bengoechea 

      Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland

    • Sarah-Maddocks.jpg

      co-Chair of Sustainability Committee (2)

      Dr Sarah Maddocks

      Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

    • Gill Elliott.jpg

      co-Chair of Building Communities Committee (2)

      Professor Gill Elliott

      University of Surrey, UK

    • Paul-Hoskisson.jpg

      co-Chair of Building Communities Committee

      Professor Paul Hoskisson

      University of Strathclyde, UK

    • Catrin Moore 170x210.png 1

      co-Chair of Impact and Influence Committee (2)

      Catrin Moore
      St George’s, University of London, UK


    • Tina-Joshi.jpg

      co-Chair of Impact and Influence Committee

      Dr Tina Joshi

      University of Plymouth, UK

    • Jo Kite 170x210.png

      Chair of Early Career Microbiologists' Forum Executive Committee

      Jo Kite
      University of Cambridge, UK 


Elected Members

    • Laura-Bowater.jpg

      Professor Laura Bowater

      University of East Anglia, UK

    • 2012 Nigel L Brown.jpg

      Professor Nigel Brown

      Emeritus University of Edinburgh, UK

    • David-Clarke.jpg

      Dr David Clarke

      University College Cork, Ireland

    • Andy-Edwards.jpg

      Dr Andrew Edwards

      Imperial College London, UK

    • Kim-Hardie.jpg

      Professor Kim Hardie

      University of Nottingham, UK

    • Alan McNally 170x233.png

      Professor Alan McNally

      University of Birmingham, UK

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