Irish Division

The Irish Division seeks to promote all aspects of microbiology in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The division organises biannual symposia on diverse topics at a variety of locations across the island. We passionately believe in the advancement of younger scientists, thus the symposia provide a forum for these researchers to present at.

Joan Geoghegan


Joan Geohegan



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Gerald Barry




Members of Division and geographical areas

  • Joan Geoghegan – Chair (Dublin)
  • Gerald Barry – Chair-Elect (Dublin)
  • Jerry Reen (Cork)
  • Jennifer Mitchell (Dublin)
  • Gunnar Schroeder (Northern Ireland)
  • Florence Abram (Galway)

Irish Division ECM Representative: Conor Feehily

Why does microbiology matter?

"Without microbes, life (as we know it) would not exist on this planet. That is why microbiology matters."

David Clarke, previous Chair of Irish Division

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