Prokaryotic Division

The Prokaryotic Division comprises of scientists working in the major areas of bacterial and archaeal microbiology. The main role of the division is to develop symposia for future Society conferences to exchange knowledge and advance understanding of prokaryotes. The Prokaryotic Division operates on behalf of Microbiology Society members and welcomes proposals for symposia.

Martin Welch


Martin Welch 

University of Cambridge, UK

Email: [email protected]




Chris Cooper


Christopher Cooper

CHARM Therapeutics, UK

Email: [email protected] 




Members of Division 2023

Martin Welch
University of Cambridge, UK
Christopher Cooper
CHARM Therapeutics, UK 
Dany Beste
University of Surrey, UK
Sinead Corr
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Norman Fry
Public Health England, UK
Kalai Mathee
Florida International University, USA
Katherine Duncan
University of Strathclyde, UK
Petra Oyston
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK
Nicolas Tucker
University of Suffolk, UK
Alison Mather
Quadram Institute Bioscience, UK
Andrew Lovering
University of Birmingham, UK
Christopher Richardson
Gavin Paterson
University of Edinburgh, UK
Georgios Efthimiou
University of Hull, UK
Hasan Yesilkaya
University of Leicester, UK
Heather Allison
University of Liverpool, UK
Jennifer Mahony
University College Cork, Ireland
Julie Morrissey
University of Leicester, UK
Matthew Dorman
Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK
Stephan Uphoff
University of Oxford, UK
Steve Atkinson
The University of Nottingham, UK
Ella Rodwell
Public Health England, UK
Rebecca Corrigan
University of Sheffield, UK
Simon Rout
University of Huddersfield, UK
Rodrigo Bacigalupe
GlaxoSmithKline, UK

Prokaryotic Division Terms of Reference

Prokaryotic Divisions Terms of Reference


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