Prokaryotic Division

The Prokaryotic Division (ProkD) comprises scientists working in the major areas of bacterial and archaeal microbiology. The main ProkD role is to develop symposia for future Society conferences to exchange knowledge and advance understanding of prokaryotes. The ProkD operates on behalf of Microbiology Society members and welcomes proposals for symposia.


Sheila Patrick



Martin Welch




Members of the division and areas of expertise

  • Sheila Patrick - Chair (Clinical microbiology)
  • Martin Welch - Chair-Elect (Plant microbiology)
  • Andrew Edwards (Prokaryote infection)
  • Andrew Peston (Prokaryote genetics)
  • Christine Edwards (Biotechnology)
  • Christopher Cooper (Prokaryote molecular microbiology and cell biology)
  • Craig Williams FIS Represetative Chair-Elect (Clinical microbiology)
  • Helen Brown (Prokaryote infection)
  • James McDonald (Environmental microbiology)
  • Jennifer Ritchie (Veterinary microbiology)
  • Jody Winter (Clinical Microbiology)
  • Kalai Mathee (Co-opted – Prokaryote infection)
  • Karen Olsson-Francis (Environmental microbiology)
  • Katherine Duncan (Environmental microbiology)
  • Lorena Fernández-Martínez (Prokaryote genetics)
  • Lori Snyder (Biotechnology)
  • Meera Unnikrishnan (Prokaryote molecular microbiology and cell biology)
  • Nick Tucker (Prokaryote molecular microbiology and cell biology)
  • Paul Facey (Co-opted – Food microbiology)
  • Robert Fagan (Prokaryote genetics)

Maternity cover ECM Forum Representative: Winnie Lee

Prokaryotic Division ECM Forum Representative: Linda Oyama

Why does microbiology matter? 

"Well, the question really is, is there an area in society that is NOT dependent on microbiology in some way? This goes to show that microbiology impinges on so many important areas in life, the environment and beyond. The Society’s Policy work on the UN Sustainable Goals Development will highlight further why and how microbiology matters!"

Geertje van Keulen, previous Chair of the Prokaryotic Division

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