Professional Standards Panel

In circumstances where Council has reason to believe that the professional standards of one of its members or of a prize winner have been called into question, it considers that it has a duty to investigate the matter. Such matters are referred to a Professional Standards Panel to review the detail and decide whether there are any implications for the Society and to recommend appropriate action to Council. The Panel is Chaired by the General Secretary and comprised of three other members of Council void of any conflicts of interest with the topic under investigation. The panel is also appointed to reflect the diversity of Council’s membership, particularly in relation to:

      a. Gender balance, and insofar as possible, other legal protected characteristics

      b. Spread of disciplinary expertise

      c. Inclusion of both appointed and elected members of Council

      d. Inclusion of both members who have served on a panel before and those who have not.

      e. Insofar as possible, balance of geographic spread of panel members, particularly in relation to the balance between members from the UK and Ireland.  Where appropriate, it has added additional members to ensure geographic representation.

Under Article 2.4 in the Microbiology Society Articles of Association, Council has the power to remove a member from the membership of the Society, providing that it satisfies certain conditions. It also has the power to remove prizes or any other award it has made at its discretion.