Members Panel

The Members Panel is a group of microbiologists from underrepresented communities who convene to bring their perspectives to the Society’s efforts to ensure it is welcoming across all its activities.

The Members Panel enables us to expand the diversity of perspectives represented at decision-making level by providing a platform for members from minoritised ethnic and racial groups, members who are disabled, and members from other marginalised backgrounds to convene.

We are proud to welcome the following members to the Panel:

Aisha Baba Dikwa Research Associate, University of Manchester, UK
Aliyah Debbonaire Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Aberystwyth University, UK
Anjam Khan Director, Infectious Diseases Facility, Newcastle University, UK
Arindam Mitra Professor of Microbiology, Adamas University, India
Edward Cunningham-Oakes (co-Chair) Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Liverpool, UK
I’ah Donovan Banfield PhD Student, University of Liverpool, UK
Jordan Murray PhD Student, University of Strathclyde, UK
Karen Campos Leon Currently on a career break
Kevin Maringer (co-Chair) Group Leader, The Pirbright Institute, UK
Kirsty Jones PhD Student, Staffordshire University, UK
Prerna Vohra Lecturer in Microbiology, University of Edinburgh, UK
Roshan Nepal PhD Student, University of Adelaide, Australia

The Members Panel will be co-chaired by Dr Kevin Maringer, Group Leader in Flavivirus Transmission and Pathogenesis at The Pirbright Institute, UK, and Dr Ed Cunningham Oakes, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Liverpool, UK. The co-Chairs will work with the General Secretary’s Group to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion matters continue to be appropriately considered at the highest level of Society governance.

Headshot images of the Members Panel

Selection of Chair and Panel members

The Members Panel will represent the full breadth of our membership, bringing unheard voices to the fore. We are particularly seeking representatives from Black and Asian members and those from other minoritised ethnic groups; members who identify as LGBTQ+ and members who have disabilities or long-term illnesses that impact their experience working in microbiology. Members of the Panel will be required to have an enthusiasm for inclusion and ideas for helping the Microbiology Society to be welcoming to anyone interested in microbes, their effects and their uses. The Terms of Reference for the Panel can be found below.

Members Panel Terms of Reference  

For more information please visit the Society Equality, Diversity and Inclusion pages.