MIcroNews October

Posted on October 30, 2020   by Microbiology Society

MicroNews is the sister series of our podcast Microbe Talk, where we discuss some of the times microbes and microbiology have been in the news over the last month. Listen to Matt and Laura discussing how microbiologists are tackling the amount of plastic waste used in laboratories, ash dieback and a COVID-19 story that Matt just couldn’t resist talking about.

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MicroNews October

This month's stories:
Those funky cheese smells allow microbes to 'talk' to and feed each other
Does science have a plastic problem? Microbiologists take steps to reducing plastic waste
Tardigrades' latest superpower: a fluorescent protective shield
National Trust suffers 'worst year' for ash dieback
'Any breed could do it': dogs might be a Covid tester's best friend