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The Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2020 will take place between Monday 30 March – Friday 3 April and will be held at EICC, Edinburgh, UK.

Annual Conference is designed to cover the breadth of microbiology research and its comprehensive scientific programme has over 30 sessions taking place over four days in a range of formats, including:


  • Virus modulation of cell stress
  • Skin-full of viruses
  • Veterinary microbiology
  • Outer layers of microbiology
  • Dyanamic cell
  • Exploring the eukaryotic tree of life
  • Back to the future
  • Marine microbiology
  • Bioproduction and biomaterials
  • Novel eukaryotic drug targets
  • AMR
  • Genes on the move
  • Phage biology
  • Toxins and antitoxins
  • Bacteroidetes
  • Epigenetics
  • Public health microbiology

Virology workshops

  • DNA viruses
  • Positive strand and double-stranded RNA viruses
  • Negative strand viruses
  • Retrorivuses
  • Clinical virology
  • Cell stress and viruses

Eukaryotic and prokaryotic forums

  • Environmental and applied microbiology forum
  • Genetics and genomics forum
  • Infection forum
  • Microbial physiology, metabolism and molecular biology forum

Microbiology Society sessions

  • Teaching in higher education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fellowship
  • Bioinformatics
  • Unconscious bias


Exhibition & Sponsorship

Annual Conference 2020 will celebrate 75 years of the Microbiology Society. Our flagship Conference will celebrate the achievements and demonstrate the impact of microbiologists past, present and future in addressing global challenges. This will be a prestigious event set to welcome over 1,400 delegates to the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

The exhibition is located in a high-traffic area where all conference meals, coffee breaks and drinks reception will be held. This will be an excellent opportunity to showcase your products, interact with conference delegates and maximise leads.

We anticipate a big demand for our exhibitor stands so if you would like more information or if you have any questions please email exhibitions@microbiologysociety.org to discuss package options to suit you.

Exhibition and sponsorship

We have Gold, Silver and Bronze packages, or Pick and Mix options that can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Detailed information about available exhibition packages can be found in the Exhibition and Sponsorship pack, which can be downloaded below.

Annual Conference 2020 Exhibition Pack

Registration form

To book your exhibition or sponsorship place, please download the fillable registration form below and return to exhibitions@microbiologysociety.org with your logo and website link: 

Annual Conference 2020 Exhibition or Sponsorship Booking Form


Download the floorplan showing the available exhibition spaces or contact exhibitions@microbiologysociety.org

Annual Conference 2020 Floorplan