Communities and networks

We bring individuals together, empower communities worldwide and make it easier for our members who have a unique depth and breadth of knowledge to network based on mutual interests, location and/or career stage to ensure we continue to help shape the future of microbiology and provide maximum benefit to society.

Expert/Interest areas

Our divisions plan scientific content for the Society's conference and event programme:

  • Eukaryotic promotes eukaryotic microbiology in its widest context in fundamental, medical, applied and environmental aspects.  All eukaryotic systems (fungi, protozoa, algae, slime moulds) are included as well as their interaction with bacteria and viruses
  • Prokaryotic focuses on promoting major areas of bacterial and archaeal microbiology
  • Virology promotes fundamental studies of the natural history, cellular and molecular biology, immunology and molecular pathogenesis or viruses of all kinds. It also includes the laboratory, clinical and field study of viruses and virus infection in the context of human, veterinary and plant disease

The Society's six journals cover the full breadth of microbiology research, and our Open Access policy means that you can comply with even the strictest funder mandates completely free of charge. Visit for more information.


  • The Irish Division seeks to promote all aspects of microbiology in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. They organise a bi-annual symposia on diverse topics
  • Society Champions are members that do that little bit more for the Society. They are a network of members who individually help raise the profile of the Society in their local area by initiating activities and events of their own, or participate in Society-led events

Early Career (EC) Forum

The Early Career (EC) Forum was established to give early career microbiologists of the Society a way to influence our work. All members starting out in their microbiology career are invited to join and are kept in the loop about opportunities of interest within the Society and are eligible to vote for the Executive Committee - a group of ECM members.

Members' Directory

Considered to be a key benefit of membership, the Members' Directory offers members a unique opportunity to find, connect and network with fellow members working in and around their place of work or study and those with a similar interest or expertise. Members opt in to the Directory which provides a platform and presence within our community.

Mi Society

Mi Society is a recently revided dedicated area for members where they can manage their membership, update their details, register to attend events, apply for grants, access guides that will aid personal and professional development and is home to our membership Directory. Mi Society is regularly updated with members only content. Latest editions include: volunteering and networking opportunities, discounts, support tools and presentatiosn from recent Society organised events.