The scientific content for the Society's conference and events programme is planned by the members of the four Divisions:

The Divisions meet twice each year and each one works independently to plan some conference sessions, whilst some symposia are developed with a cross-cutting theme in mind. Each Division is headed by a Chair and Chair-Elect, who sit on the Scientific Conferences Committee responsible for making decisions on policy and meetings content. The Scientific Conferences Chair reports to Council.

Committee members serve for three to four years and in February each year there is call for nominations for new members to serve on the Divisions.

Society members can also make proposals for sessions to the Scientific Conferences Committee. Outline proposals for consideration by Scientific Conferences Committee should be emailed to the Head of Conferences and Events.


The Eukaryotic Division aims to promote eukaryotic microbiology in its widest context in fundamental, medical, applied and environmental aspects. It provides a scientific focus for a subject that has often been fragmented over a range of different subject areas, scientific groups and societies. All major eukaryotic systems (fungi, protozoa, algae, slime moulds) are included as well as their interactions with the bacteria and viruses.

Elinor Thompson. Email: te30@gre.ac.uk

Edward Louis. Email: ejl21@leicester.ac.uk

Members of division and area of expertise
Michael Cunliffe (Microbial diversity and evolution), Katherine Helliwell (Microbial diversity and evolution), Catarina Gadelha (Microbial diversity and evolution), Rebecca A. Hall (Fundamental), Duncan Wilson (Fundamental), Richard Harrison (Translational), Alison Smith (Translational), Anastasios Tsaousis (Translational), Robin Williams (Translational), Mat Goddard (Population and Evolutionary Biology), Eva Gluenz (Population and evolutionary biology), Ellen Nisbet (Population and evolutionary biology).

Eukaryotic Division ECM Forum Representative: Tom Williams

Co-opted Member (Protistology): Sonja Rueckert

Eukaryotic Division Terms of Reference



The Prokaryotic Division (ProkD) comprises scientists working in the major areas of bacterial and archaeal microbiology. The main ProkD role is to develop symposia for future Society conferences to exchange knowledge and advance understanding of prokaryotes. The ProkD operates on behalf of Microbiology Society members and welcomes proposals for symposia.

Geertje van Keulen. Email: g.van.keulen@swansea.ac.uk

Chair-Elect and FIS Representative Chair
Sheila Patrick. Email: S.Patrick@qub.ac.uk

Members of the division and area of expertise
Sarah Maddocks (Prokaryote Infection), Andrew Edwards (Prokaryote Infection), Helen Brown (Prokaryote Infection), Robert Fagan (Prokaryote Genetics), Andrew Preston (Prokaryote Genetics), Alan McNally (Prokaryote Genetics),  Gillian Fraser (Prokaryote Molecular Microbiology), Meera Unnikrishnan (Prokaryote Molecular Microbiology), Nick Tucker (Prokaryote Molecular Microbiology), Karen Olsson-Francis (Environmental), James McDonald (Environmental), Kate Duncan (Environmental), Christine Edwards (Biotechnology), Lori Snyder (Biotechnology), Jody Winter (Clinical Microbiology), Jennifer Ritchie (Veterinary Microbiology) , Martin Welch (Plant Microbiology), Stefania Spano (Food Microbiology)

Prokaryotic Division ECM Forum Representative: Linda Oyama

Prokaryotic Division Terms of Reference



The Virology Division promotes fundamental studies of the natural history, cellular and molecular biology, immunology and molecular pathogenesis of viruses of all kinds. The laboratory, clinical and field study of viruses and virus infection in the context of human, veterinary and plant disease.

Gill Elliott. Email: g.elliott@surrey.ac.uk

Stephen Griffin. Email: S.D.C.Griffin@leeds.ac.uk

Members of division and area of expertise
Rachael Tarlinton (RNA), Holly Shelton (RNA), Nicolas Locker (Translational/drugs/vaccines), Blair Strang (Translational/drugs/vaccines), Claire Shannon-Lowe (Clinical), Matthew Reeves (DNA), Stephen Winchester (CVN Clinical (Co-opt)), Maruthi Gowda (Plant), Chris McCormick (General), Philippa Beard (General), Martina Scallan (Emerging /arboviruses), Holly Shelton (RNA)

Virology Division ECM Forum Representative: Andrew Bosworth

Virology Division Terms of Reference



The Irish Division seeks to promote all aspects of microbiology in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The division organises biannual symposia on diverse topics at a variety of locations across the island. We passionately believe in the advancement of younger scientists, thus the symposia provide a forum for these researchers to present at.

David Clarke. Email: david.clarke@ucc.ie

Joan Geoghegan. Email: geoghegj@tcd.ie

Members of division
Florence Abram (Galway), Gerald Barry (Dublin), Jose Bengoechea (Open), Fiona Walsh (Maynooth) 

Irish Division ECM Representative: Justine Rudkin

Irish Division Terms of Reference