Champions events and activities

Here's just a taste of what our Champions have been up to over the past few months. They have organised a range of activities and events, in partnerships with other organisations and through the Society too.

Influence of Microbiology on Human Health, Kolkata, India

© Arindam Mitra

An interactive one-day workshop received great support from both staff and students at Adamas University in India.

Microbiology Society stand at 'Speaking of Science' event, Cardiff, UK

© Angharad Green

A day to promote science and science communication for both undergraduate and postgraduate students at Cardiff University in Wales.

World DNA Day

© Photodisc/Thinkstock

The Society was represented on the day at the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) by our Champions in Nepal.

JAM talks (Junior Award in Microbiology), Birmingham, UK

© Karl Dunne

Another in the very successful series of JAM talks! This took place at the University of Birmingham.

‘Meet the Scientists’ event at the World Museum, Liverpool, UK

© University of Liverpool

A Society presence here in the interactive workshops and also a chance to meet the disease detectives!

1st International Blastocystis Symposium, Ankara, Turkey

© Ikbal Agah Ince

Our Champion in Turkey helped organise the 1st International Blastocystis Symposium at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey, and used it to promote the Society.

Micro talks, Glasgow, UK

A series of "micro talks" was organised by our Glasgow-based Champion, as part of the Glasgow Science Festival in 2015.

Clinical infection talk, London, UK

© Imperial College London

As part of their regular staff meeting programme, a London-based Champion arranged for a clinical infection talk to staff at a major London hospital.

Microbiology pub quiz, Dundee, UK

One of the most popular events was a microbiology-themed pub quiz in Dundee.

Brewing demonstration, Dublin, Ireland

© Tadhg O'Croinin

Hot on the heels of the pub quiz came a brewing demonstration and public engagement event, held over two days and organised by our Champion in Dublin.

Town hall meetings, across the UK

© Microbiology Society

Several Champions have helped organise a number of 'town hall' meetings to consult with members in Glasgow, Nottingham and Dublin.

Houses of Parliament policy event, London, UK

© Microbiology Society

Champions were also present to support the Society's input into a policy event at  the Houses of Parliament.

Research symposium, Norwich, UK

© Alistair Walsham

Around 70 postgraduate students attended a research symposium at Norwich Research Park, organised by our Champion based there.

Antibiotics Unearthed pilot events, Suffolk and Surrey, UK

© Microbiology Society

Several Champions were actively involved in supporting the Society's Antibiotics Unearthed outreach and public engagement events.

Schools, open days and freshers' events, across the UK

© Laura Bennett

Plus, Champions have been actively involved in bringing microbiology in to schools, holding open days, support freshers' events, and much more!

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