Microbiology Society microbiome safety workshop

The Microbiology Society will be holding a workshop on Wednesday 24 – Thursday 25 January 2024 in London to discuss the current research landscape around the assessment of the safety of microbiome perturbations by chemicals and probiotics.

This invite-only event will bring together parties from academia, industry and government to contribute to outputs that will have an impact on the research field. Invites have now been confirmed and those that were unsuccessful on this occasion will be provided access to any relevant outputs.

With the advancement of New Generation Sequencing technologies, there has been an increase in research on the human microbiome (gut, oral, skin, lung), and the implications its composition has on health and disease. For example, the composition of oral and skin microbiomes have been shown to have important roles in protecting human health through their resilience and stability. It has also been proven that the efficacy of some drugs are affected by human gut microbiota.

 The event will cover:

  • Current review of health implications mediated by product-induced human microbiome changes
  • Ways to measure human microbiome perturbations and assess their safety
  • Future prospects and opportunities in this rapidly evolving area