Sir Howard Dalton Young Microbiologist of the Year Competition

The Microbiology Society awards a prize to a Member presenting a poster or offered paper at the Society's Annual Conference or Irish Division meeting.

The prize recognises and rewards excellence in science communication by a Microbiology Society Member who is a postgraduate student or postdoctoral researcher, having gained their PhD in the last two years.

To enter this competition, applicants must tick the appropriate box during online abstract submission for the Annual Conference. Finalists will be notified in early summer if they have been selected, and will be invited to give a 10-minute oral presentation (plus 5 minutes for questions) at the final at the Society’s Annual General Meeting.

The judges will then award cash prizes to the three best entries.

  • 1st Prize: £500
  • 2nd Prize: £200
  • 3rd Prize: £100

All finalists will also receive a year's free Society membership.

Previous winners:


1st Prize: Courtney Kousser, University of Birmingham, UK
2nd prize: Rute Maria Pinto, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK
3rd prize: Stephen Dolan, University of Cambridge, UK


1st Prize: Daniel Hurdiss, University of Leeds, UK
2nd Prize: Andrew O'Connor, University College Dublin, Ireland
3rd Prize: Rebecca Hall, University of York, UK


1st Prize: Lindsay Broadbent, Queen's University Belfast, UK
2nd Prize: Mariya Goncheva, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK
Joint 3rd Prize: Andrew Frey, University of Sheffield, UK; Ethan Morgan, University of Leeds, UK


1st Prize: Joseph Kirk, University of Sheffield, UK
2nd Prize: Samantha Chui Sang Lee, National University Ireland, Ireland
3rd Prize: Christopher Miller, University of Kent, UK


1st Prize: Ali Hussein,  University of Bath, UK
2nd Prize: Maitreyi Shivkumar, University of Cambridge, UK
3rd Prize: Lauren Ames, University of Exeter, UK


1st Prize: Sophie Schumann, University of Leeds, UK
2nd Prize: Alyson Murray, University College Dublin, Ireland
3rd Prize: Aline Tabib-Salazar, University of Sussex, UK


1st Prize: Lucy Thorne, Imperial College London, UK
2nd Prize: Rebecca Handley, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK
3rd Prize: Elaine Waters, University College Dublin, Ireland