Chelsea Flower Show 2012

In 2012 we were delighted to receive a Silver-Gilt award for our stand at the Chelsea Flower Show and would like to thank everyone who was involved with this challenging project, Can Microbes Feed the World? Our display focused on the symbiotic (mutually beneficial) associations that occur between most plants and microbes. We aimed to highlight the positive roles of mycorrhizal fungi, foliar endophytic fungi and bacteria called rhizobia, and how, through research, these beneficial plant-microbe partnerships can be enhanced to maximise plant growth by improving the resistance of host plants to a wide variety of stresses, including disease, drought and nutrient shortages, in a sustainable way.

As part of the exhibition we presented a number of educational videos on the subject of microbe–plant interactions that could be harnessed to help improve future food security. You can watch some of them below:

The New Green Revolution: Arbuscular mycorrhizas

The New Green Revolution: Nitrogen cycle

The New Green Revolution: Root nodule formation