Join the ECM pre-conference networking event

12 March 2019

The Microbiology Society Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum Executive Committee is hosting a pre-conference networking workshop on Sunday 7 April before the Annual Conference 2019 begins.

Delegates will have the opportunity to practice their networking skills with other early career researchers and senior members of the Society over dinner and refreshments. The evening will include games and social activities designed to help delegates meet new people both inside and outside their area of specialism and at different levels of academia.  

In previous years, delegates have found the event enjoyable and a great way to kick start the Annual Conference by practicing their networking skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.

“(It was) good to meet a variety of people.”

“I made some good connections with other groups in the same area”

The event will take place from 18:00-20:00. Tickets are available for £20 and include a packed schedule of activities, dinner and drinks. Register your place when booking for the Annual Conference or contact the Microbiology Society Conferences and events team.