Knocking Out AMR Vision Statement Published

16 May 2024

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Knocking Out AMR: The Microbiology Society’s Vision Statement on the challenges faced by the AMR community, and our role in trying to fix it.

Since the launch of Knocking Out AMR in October, society staff and members have been hard at work to understand the problems being faced by the AMR community, and the role of the Microbiology Society in trying to break down the barriers they are facing.

We are pleased today to announce that the Knocking Out AMR vision statement is now live, and with it the work of the Knocking Out AMR project begins.

Our January workshop series brought together 125 cross disciplinary attendees to break down the systemic challenges being faced by the AMR community. Using these discussions and the expertise of our project oversight group, we have determined what we see to be the problem and how the Society can support the community. You can read the vision statement on our website now.

Read the Vision Statement


So, what’s next?

Events, grants and professional development

We’ve reviewed all of the Microbiology Society’s activities and are committed to delivering the needs of the community through our events programme, grants and professional development offering. Keep an eye out for these newsletters with opportunities to get involved as they’re announced! Got an idea for an event we should hold? Submit an event proposal on our website today.

Policy and Media Engagement

The Microbiology Society is committed to engaging with policymakers and the media to communicate the expert opinion of the community.

Read our Knocking Out AMR policy briefing here.

The UK’s National Action Plan (NAP) on AMR

We have published a survey of the community’s responses to the plan and are working with the Department for Health and Social Care to provide them with your feedback. Watch this space for upcoming opportunities to engage with the NAP.

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