Microbiome Expert Working Group and Stakeholder Workshops

Over Autumn 2016 the Society held five multidisciplinary stakeholder workshops in Cardiff, Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Dublin. The workshop programmes can be downloaded below:

Microbiome Stakeholder Workshop Agendas

The workshops collectively connected around 160 stakeholders, including representatives from academia, industry, government departments and agencies, and research funders. Participants discussed the opportunities from exploring and exploiting microbiomes across the themes of health, agriculture and food, and environment and sustainability. They also identified scientific, policy, and social gaps and issues that need to be addressed in order to deliver on these opportunities. The workshops aimed to facilitate networking and knowledge exchange between different fields and stakeholder groups, and the outputs are helping to inform report being developed by the Expert Working Group.

The workshop outputs were used to inform the Society’s Unlocking the Microbiome report, supplementary briefings on microbiome research for health, agriculture and food, and environment and biotechnology [link to landing page], and engagement with Research Councils and other stakeholders.

A summary of the workshops was published in the May 2017 issue of Microbiology Today.

For more detailed information about the outputs of the workshops please contact our Policy Team ([email protected]).

Microbiome Expert Working Group

The Society established a multidisciplinary Microbiome Expert Working Group to guide and inform the Microbiome Policy Project, including the Unlocking the Microbiome report and supplementary briefings.

Microbiome Expert working group


Microbiome Expert Working Group membership

Professor Julian Marchesi (Chair) Cardiff University and Imperial College London
Professor Mark Bailey Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Dr Jessica Boname Medical Research Council
Professor Nigel Brown University of Edinburgh
Dr Lena Ciric University College London
Dr Paul Cook Food Standards Agency
Professor Rob Finn EMBL-EBI
Professor Paul Freemont Imperial College London
Professor Glenn Gibson University of Reading
Dr Pat Goodwin Microbiology Society Policy Committee Chair
Professor Colin Hill APC Microbiome Institute, University College Cork
Professor Penny Hirsch Rothamsted Research
Dr Nicola Holden James Hutton Institute
Dr Sharon Huws Queen's University Belfast
Professor Roberto La Ragione University of Surrey
Professor Trevor Lawley Wellcome Sanger Institute
Professor Miriam Moffatt Imperial College London
Professor Arjan Narbad Quadram Institute
Professor Vincent O'Flaherty NUI Galway
Dr Cath O'Neill University of Manchester
Professor James Prosser University of Aberdeen
Dr Declan Schroeder The Marine Biological Association
Dr Karen Scott Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen
Dr Linda Thomas Editor, International Journal of Dairy Technology
Professor Chris van der Gast Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor William Wade Queen Mary University of London
Professor Jeremy Webb University of Southampton
Professor Elizabeth Wellington University of Warwick

Image: Microbiome Expert Working Group meeting, July 2016. Microbiology Society.