75th Anniversary: Microbiology Images

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A visual showcase of science

As part of the celebrations for our 75th anniversary, we invite the microbiology community to submit images related to the microbiological world to help highlight how microbiology answers big questions by giving us knowledge of very small things. 

We welcome images of your science, of nature, of people, places and from the laboratory, that will inspire, inform and demonstrate how the study of microbes helps us to understand our world and our place within it. Submit your images today.

The aim of the project is to help promote the research efforts and journeys of microbiologists across our community. 

Images will be promoted across activities throughout our 75th anniversary year. We will credit all names supplied as part of image submissions.

  • Your images

    View the most recent images and videos of the wonderful submissions we have received for the Microbiology Images project.

  • How to upload an image

    Feeling inspired? Submit your microbiology images via Dropbox. Discover details here.

  • Submit the next Journal of General Virology profile image

    This year Journal of General Virology invites members of the microbiology community to submit the next Journal of General Virology profile image.

  • Photography tips

    Photography can be a little daunting if you’ve never done much more than snap memory shots with your phone or compact camera, so we asked Matt Bassett, Content & Media Officer at the Microbiology Society to share his thoughts, hints and tips for photography.

You can share your involvement via Twitter using the hashtags #MicroImages and #MicrobioSoc75th.

Image credits:

Liam Rooney
Guillermo Pérez
Matt Bassett