Grants deadlines

Here you will find a list of upcoming grant application deadlines for 2024.

1 February

Society Events Grant (Annual Conference)

20 February

Harry Smith Vacation Studentships

1 March

External Event Grant (Round 2)

1 April

Education and Outreach Grants (Round 1)
International Development Fund (Round 1)
Research Visit Grants (Round 1)
Microbiology in Society Award

29 April

Society Events Grant (Aerosols and Microbiology)

15 May

Society Events Grant (ECM Summer Conference)

22 May

Society Events Grant (Pseudomonas)

3 June

Society Supported Conference Grants (Round 1)

14 June

Society Events Grant (Blastocystis)

1 July

External Event Grant (Round 3)

1 October

Education and Outreach Grants (Round2)
International Development Fund (Round 2)
Research Visit Grants (Round 2)

1 November

External Event Grant (Round 1 2025)

20 November

Society Supported Conference Grants (Round 2)